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About Me

I’m a Wisconsin-born tech entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor. Using my knack for finding solutions to difficult problems and keen interest in technology, I have a unique vision that helps others identify, simplify and solve problems. I’ve always been passionate about solving problems and giving back to others and my community.

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I grew up in Northern Wisconsin near a golf course. At 4, I opened up my own golf ball sales company and sold used golf balls to passing golfers. At 14 I purchased my first vehicle and have since owned 33 more! (I sold my car at the end of each summer, to buy a truck each winter.) My father owns his own business selling heavy machinery. Needless to say, I was groomed into a seasoned salesman by my senior year in HS.

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I attended St. Cloud State University from 1999-2003. I played golf for SCSU (DII) from 2000-2002. During my sophomore year, frustrated with alternative-campus accommodations, I purchased my first home. To pay for school, I rented the extra rooms to a few of my friends. I ended up selling the home 3 years post-graduation – pre-market crash.


In 2006, I founded Negri Electronics with two credit cards, working from my girlfriend’s (now wife’s) apartment. I took the company from $0 to $53M in total revenue, ($18M in 2013) to exit Christmas Eve, 2013, without raising outside capital or taking on debt. During my time at Negri Electronics I worked in and managed every department from Accounting to Warehouse. Founders wear many hats; that extensive experience has helped me learn the most efficient and effective ways to create and scale companies (See: Laicos).


I’m excited about growing my next venture, Laicos. My role as CEO of Laicos is to curate a team of talented and thoughtful individuals, community leaders, and brilliant engineers. I also handle Fundraising, Operations, working with Legal, Accounting, as well as recruiting advisors, mentors and Board Members. (Come join our team).


I’m a husband to the beautiful Amy Negri (the photographer) son to Scott & Cathy, brother to Eric & Philip and dad to two miniature golden retrievers, Mozy and Millie, 2 of the cutest pups you’ll ever meet. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, golfing and staying in shape by running and/or playing basketball – when time permits. Also, I’m always working on becoming a better man, husband, son, brother and dad.