Introducing 4F Ventures & Fund One

I’m excited to announce a new $8M fund dedicated to investing in traditionally overlooked founders and their startups!

For the last 8 years, I’ve been trying to “break into VC”. But, being from the midwest, without a big exit, without wealth, having gone to the wrong college, and not under 30 y/o anymore, this was a challenge. Even if I provided value to these VCs by sending deals that they, in turn, invest in, it wasn’t enough to earn a seat at any of their tables. Granted, I joined a few scout programs and made it on a few cap tables, but I wanted to make more of an impact.

So, in true entrepreneurial fashion, I’ve started my own firm and fund: 4F Ventures, Fund One. [4F Stands for “Fast Funding for Founders”]. Out of this fund, I’ll be investing up to $250K into ~15 eCommerce and FinTech startups per year. I wanted to do my part in leveling the playing field, so this fund is dedicated to investing in traditionally overlooked founders, giving Women, PoC, Immigrants, Veterans, Founders over 30 y/o, and Founders outside tech hubs, access to the capital they need.

Given my expertise in both eCommerce and FinTech, I can provide additional support to these founders, which is why I verticalized the fund. But, I’ll be primarily helping founders close their rounds and make introductions to their next round of investors. Otherwise, I’m staying out of their way!

Too many investors (usually angels) try to get involved in the startups they invest in thinking they can help, when in all honestly, they unnecessarily take up the founder’s valuable time and rarely provide value. Don’t get me wrong, some firms provide enormous value to their portfolio companies, and that’s why founders raise from those firms. The founders that raise from 4FV want capital, and FAST, and want help locating more capital. In most cases, I’ll wire funds within 48 hours from receiving the pitch (& dataroom).

Right now, I’m still fundraising, so I won’t be deploying any capital until January 2022. If you have any questions or are a startup interested in being funded, please feel free to email me at