Personal Growth Coaching for Professionals


Hi, I’m Ryan Negri, a successful Entrepreneur and investor who has dealt with work/life balance issues, depression, bad relationships, lack of trust, and everything else you could imagine since founding my first company in 2000. And that’s just my professional life! 


I love helping people improve their lives – it’s one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done. I’ve helped hundreds of people change their lives – whether mental or physical health, bettering personal or professional relationships – but lately I’ve been working with people on finding their path. While the most challenging, it’s so the most impactful, which makes it even more meaningful.


Let me work with you on all the areas you feel you need the most help with, and while we’re doing that, I’ll also help you find other ways to improve. I’ll be there with you every step of the way, encouraging you and motivating you to stay on course.


I take a no BS approach to coaching – if you aren’t ready to hear hard truths, this isn’t for you. I promise you this will be uncomfortable, challenging, and possibly even discouraging at times. You will become upset with me – likely more than once. But in the end, you’ll be a far better person than you are today. 


There’s nothing more important than a great life. It took me too long to discover that myself – I’m here to help you discover that for yourself, but sooner and quicker than it took for me.


This is not a free coaching class. I’ll work with you every week for 6 months, or later if that’s what it takes. Each week costs $1,000 and comes with a 6-month commitment with 50% due upfront ($12,000). (Discounts available for unfunded startup founders, PoC, Women, and members of select NFT projects.)


I wouldn’t take your money if I didn’t think I could change your life, which is why there is a mutual interview process that takes about 2 weeks. 


First, you’ll need to fill out the short interest form. I’ll follow up and schedule a video call with you as out introductory interview where you’ll be able to ask questions and dig deeper into the coaching process. 


This isn’t a one size fits all approach, so specific details about my methods are not available publicly. 


Once the interview is over and you’d like to move forward, you’ll be sent another form that will take 5-10 hours to complete. This is where I find out what you want to work on, and why. The why is important. 


Once this is complete and I’ve had a chance to review everything, and I decide to move forward with you as a client, you’ll be asked to make the deposit.


Our first session will be within 7 days and then every 7 days after that. (More sessions are available at an additional cost. Texting and video calls on demand also available for additional costs.)

How Can I Help You?

I don’t normally ask this as most people have killed this sentiment. I feel it’s tyupically a disingenuous question that people ask to seem polite. So, instead of asking you, I’ll share how I can help and you can let me know if it’s the help you need.