Dear, Depression

fuck you

Dear, Depression
Not today. Today is different.
You see, I’ve realized something – you’re nothing to me
You’re everywhere, but you mean nothing
Nothing in that I have no time for you or your bullshit
You’re just like anything else; a distraction
If I pay attention to you, you’re all that I feel
If I ignore you, you’re gone
It’s hard, I have to try, but you’re just like anything else.
Not today, Depression

Dear, Depression
Stay there – don’t move – I have you right where I want you
Listen to me this time – I’m stronger than you now
It’s time you learned who’s in control
It’s a change that will take getting used to
Trust me I know
Because I’m done getting used to you

Dear, Depression.
We’ve come along way – not by choice
Years ago you attached yourself to me
Unfamiliar at the time, I thought you’d leave
You stayed, grew larger, darker, madder
Learning about you was hard
Admitting about you was harder
The bigger you grew, the smaller I became
I hated you, I hated me, everyone
Who were you to do that to me, to them
As I learned you, you became familiar
We’ve met before, years ago, when you were small
I should have learned you then
I should have told people about you then
You’d still be small