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Fully edited, multiple backgrounds, multiple outfits, all without leaving your home!


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FAQs & Refund Policy
Hope you can answer all your questions on this page. If you can’t find a specific answer, send us an e-mail at ryan@ryannegri.com


How does this service work?

To get started, make your payment and then submit your photos. Our team will then create your professional headshots and send you an email with the results within 24 hours.

How many photos should I submit and how do I upload them?

You should submit at least 10 photos, but the more you submit, the better your results will be. To upload your photos, use the button provided above and make sure to use your registered email (not your payment email).

What if my photos don’t look like me exactly?

While our program follows the lines of your photos closely, the generated images may not be perfect. Customers who want edits can purchase them at an additional cost of $20 per portrait. To maximize your chances of getting great results, please follow the guidelines closely and submit high quality, closeup photos of yourself. If you submit blurry, pixelated photos, photos taken from awkward angles, or with your face covered by hair, hands, or a phone, then your results may be affected and there may not be much we can do to fix it.

What happens to my photos after I submit them?

We understand the importance of privacy and ensure that all the rights to the photos generated with your face belong to you. We will never use your photos in any advertisements or expose your name or the photos we generated of you anywhere. Your photos and data will be removed from our servers 7 days after you download them.

Do you offer refunds?

Once you submit your photos, we start processing them right away, which incurs high technical costs on our side. For this reason, and because we offer this service at an affordable price for everyone, we do not offer refunds after the images have been submitted.