Leading you down the right path with the answers you need



My name is Ryan Negri. I’m a professional investor, entrepreneur, dog father, and human being navigating a challenging but beautiful life.


For years, I struggled to find purpose. I was in a toxic relationship, living an unhealthy lifestyle, in a profession I didn’t enjoy. I turned my life around by rewiring my brain by choosing to live a more physically active lifestyle that’s allowed me drastically improve my mental health, and helped me to connect with energy, the earth and nature, and my own spirituality. But, it wasn’t until I embraced my spiritual side that I was able to break out of my imaginary shell, become my true self, and find my people. Now, I want to help you find your true self with intentional rewiring of old thoughts, habits, and beliefs, and build a framework to instill these changes into your lifestyle.


I plan to show you an entirely new way of thinking and living your life by sharing what I’ve discovered. And unlike coaching and therapy, I’m going to give you the answers you seek! And I plan to teach you how to go about your own journey to self-realization.



I’ve been a coach, mentor, advisor, founder, and investor, and you can find out more about me: My Website, Twitter, and LinkedIn


I provide life advice and answers to people looking to grow as humans.


So, what does this mean exactly? To put it simply,


I work with adults that want to work on themselves to improve as human beings. The majority of them are working professionals with limited time who want to accelerate the growth process. This is not therapy, this is not coaching, this is a way for you to get answers to your biggest questions.


I provide x, y, z and tailor to each clients’ needs whether that be:


  • personality
  • relationships
  • the past
  • hitting goals
  • Forgiveness
  • etc.


Specific topics or concerns vary, but some examples include Communication problems with a partner, associate, or friend. Personality issues derived from upbringing. Workplace disagreements. Stunted personal growth. 


I believe that people need this type of support and that it’s not readily available enough. Most coaches, teachers, mentors, and advisors are helping people with their professional businesses but not enough to help others become better humans.

I am here to help people. It’s the only thing I know for certain and I wake up feeling excited to do that. The feeling of making a positive impact on someone’s life is unmatched and makes it difficult to want to do anything else.



I’ll work with you, in an individual setting, via voice/video/text, or in some cases in person. Here are a few examples of topics that those I’ve worked with in the past wanted help with:


  • Depression
  • Life-Work balance
  • Meaning of life
  • Physical and Mental Health
  • Relationships 
  • Life To-Do list
  • Recognizing Signs / Signals
  • Resolving Conflict

Everyone has specific issues they’d like to focus on – we’ll explore each and every area of concern and work incrementally to improve on them. During our time, I’ll share answers, perspectives, readings, and listenings, with personal and second-hand accounts, which will help get you back on the right path. You’ll honestly feel the results almost immediately.


I’ll even help you recognize those signs.



I take a no-BS approach to consulting – if you aren’t ready to hear hard truths and to change as a human, this isn’t for you. Our sessions will be uncomfortable, challenging, and possibly even discouraging at times, but, uncomfortability equals growth. I can promise you one thing: this will make you a better person than you are today. 


There’s nothing more important than a great life. It took me too long to discover that myself – I’m here to help you discover that for yourself, but sooner and quicker than it took for me.


This isn’t a one size fits all approach, so specific details and methods are not available publicly. But here is an idea of the flow of the program:


First, fill out the short interest form and schedule a video call with me for our introductory interview where you’ll be able to ask questions and dig deeper into the process.


Once the interview concludes and you’d like to move forward, you’ll be sent a questionnaire that will take 1-2 hours to complete. This is where I find out what you want to work on, and why. The why is important. I will be asking you some uncomfortable questions – prepare yourself. 


Once this is complete and I’ve had a chance to review everything, and we decide to move forward, you’ll be asked to make the deposit. 


This is on your time and schedule, but typically our first session will be within 7 days, and then weekly after that with limited texting and video calls on demand included. Additional sessions and communication time are available at an additional cost. 


While you’ll experience benefits after the first session, there are other ways to take advantage of the program.


  • Community: Join our Discord where you’ll meet people like you who want to be better humans.
  • Access: You’ll have 12/5 access to me each week! Limited call, text, and email communication are included in your weekly cost.
  • Resources: In each session, I’ll share valuable resources that will validate and help cement the work we’re doing together.
  • Connections: I’ll happily share the names of people that have helped me, and help connect you with other people that can be helpful!


It’s not free. I’ll work with you every week for a minimum of 3 months, or longer if you choose to continue.


  • The cost is $1000/mo and comes with a 3-month commitment.
  • 50% is due upfront.
  • Discounts are available for the beta group, unfunded startup founders, PoC, Women, Veterans, and members of partnered NFT projects. 


I wouldn’t take your money if I didn’t think I could change your life. And because this is so important, there is an initial interview process that takes about a week. During that time is when we will determine if we’re right for each other. This isn’t for everyone – is it for you?


If you’re ready to take the first step toward becoming a better human being, simply fill out this short form, book the introductory interview, and I’ll see you on screen in a few days. If you’d like more information or have questions, please Contact Me here.