A Soulscape is a unique, one-day psilocybin journey meticulously crafted to foster profound personal exploration and healing, tailored to your individual path towards enlightenment.

The SoulScape Experience

Embark on a transformative journey within, guided by Ryan Negri’s extensive eight-year exploration of psilocybin’s healing and self-discovery potentials. A Soulscape session offers a singular experience, blending insights from microdosing to significant 8.8-gram explorations, creating a pathway uniquely tailored to your journey toward enlightenment.

Each Soulscape is designed with meticulous care to deepen personal exploration and healing, perfectly attuned to your unique journey. Experience the transformative power of psilocybin in a session where your growth and healing take center stage. Achieve personal breakthroughs and discover profound insights, all within the supportive framework of a Soulscape.

A Tailored Journey

Every Soulscape session offers a highly personalized experience:

Personalized Dosage: Receive a psilocybin dosage tailored to your level of experience, ensuring a comfortable and effective journey, with dosages ranging from 3-8 grams.

Secure Environment: Select a serene setting that feels safest for you, fostering a space conducive to profound exploration.

Intention Setting and Immersion: Begin your Soulscape with guided intention setting, followed by an immersive journey enhanced by eye masks and specially curated playlists. This approach is designed to deepen your exploration into self-awareness and personal growth.

Why Embark on a Soulscape?

Opting for a Soulscape means embarking on a journey backed by expertise and personalized care:

Expert Guidance: Benefit from Ryan Negri’s wealth of experience and insights from years of both personal and guided psilocybin journeys.

Transformative Potential: A Soulscape unlocks profound self-reflection, emotional release, and spiritual insight, setting the stage for a significant personal transformation.

Tailored Care: Your Soulscape respects your individuality, offering personalized care and support to help you navigate your unique path to growth and enlightenment.

Join the Journey

Embark with Soulscape on a transformative journey. Whether you’re seeking to overcome personal challenges, delve into your spirituality, or gain a deeper understanding of yourself, Soulscape provides a safe, effective, and profoundly transformative path. Embrace this opportunity for significant change, and embark on a journey committed to self-discovery and holistic healing.

Ready to Discover Your True Self?

Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery? Contact Ryan Negri today to schedule your Soulscape. Together, we will unlock the doors to deep healing and the revelation of your authentic self. A Soulscape is more than a session; it’s a transformative expedition towards understanding and embracing your true nature. Begin your journey to uncovering your true self with Soulscape.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    "How do I know if a Soulscape session is right for me?"

    A Soulscape session is designed for individuals seeking profound personal growth, healing, or a deeper understanding of themselves through the use of psilocybin. If you’re looking for a transformative experience to explore your consciousness and are open to the therapeutic potential of psychedelics under guided supervision, a Soulscape may be right for you. Prior to scheduling a session, a preliminary discussion will help assess your goals and readiness for the journey.

    "What can these Soulscape sessions help me with?"

    Soulscape sessions are designed to facilitate deep personal transformation and healing across various aspects of life. Participants often seek out these journeys to address and overcome the underlying causes of depression by fostering a profound connection to their inner selves and discovering pathways to healing. These sessions can significantly alleviate the fear of death, offering a new perspective on life and existence.

    Many find that a Soulscape helps in identifying their purpose, providing clarity and direction in life’s journey. It’s also a powerful tool for becoming more grounded and connected to the Earth and the superconscious, fostering a sense of unity with the greater web of existence.

    Participants report emerging from the experience as better human beings, with an enhanced ability to navigate life’s challenges, improved relationships, and a deeper sense of empathy and compassion. Whether you’re looking to figure out life’s big questions, seeking relief from existential angst, or aiming to cultivate a more profound sense of connection and mindfulness, a Soulscape offers a sanctuary for exploration and discovery.

    Through guided psilocybin sessions, individuals have the opportunity to transcend their limitations, rewire unhelpful patterns of thought, and unlock a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them, paving the way for meaningful change and enlightenment.


    "Why are you doing this?"

    I’m engaged in this work to help others, inspired by my transformative experiences with Soulscapes. Having navigated five personal Soulscapes, I’ve realized my purpose lies in facilitating these journeys for others, aiming to alleviate fears, depression, and anxiety, and fostering happiness, love, and purpose finding. These experiences not only aid individuals in becoming better versions of themselves but also instill a deep-seated desire to help others. My motivation is to cultivate a community of individuals who, transformed by their journeys, are eager to make a positive impact on those around them, thereby initiating a cycle of kindness and support. This endeavor is more than just facilitating sessions; it’s about building a world where transformed individuals inspire collective human upliftment and connectivity.

    "How much does a Soulscape session cost?"

    The cost of a Soulscape session starts at $1500. This initial cost can increase based on various factors, including the session’s location, the amount of psilocybin used, meals provided, and any additional services. Each Soulscape is uniquely tailored to the participant’s needs, so final pricing is determined after considering these various aspects to ensure you receive a personalized and transformative experience.

    “What is included in a Soulscape session?”

    In a Soulscape session, everything you need for the journey is provided to ensure a comfortable and seamless experience. This includes the setting, which can be your home, my home, or a hotel room. The psilocybin necessary for the session is provided, along with soup for ingestion. Additionally, water, juice, and a meal post-session are included. If the session is at a hotel, an overnight stay is available until checkout the next day. For your immersive experience, music, earbuds/headphones, and an eye mask are also provided.

    "What safety measures are in place for a Soulscape session?"

    Participant safety is paramount during a Soulscape session. All sessions are conducted following rigorous safety protocols, including a detailed health history review and potential medication adjustments under professional guidance. The setting is carefully prepared to ensure a safe, controlled environment, and I am experienced to provide support and manage any challenging experiences that may arise.

    "Is there any follow-up or support after the session?"

    Yes, post-session support is an integral part of the Soulscape experience. After your journey, we’ll discuss your experience, insights gained, and any feelings or thoughts that arose. This integration process is crucial for translating your psychedelic insights into meaningful, lasting changes in your life. Additional follow-up appointments can be arranged to further support your integration process.

    "Can I choose the location for my Soulscape session?"

    Absolutely. You have the option to choose from three settings for your Soulscape session: your home, my home, or a hotel room. Each setting offers a different environment and can be selected based on your comfort and preference. It’s important that the chosen location fosters a sense of safety and tranquility, conducive to profound exploration and healing.

    "How long does a Soulscape session last?"

    A typical Soulscape session is designed to be a one-day experience. However, the duration of the psilocybin’s effects can vary, generally lasting between 4 to 8 hours and typically from 11am-7pm or about. Participants are encouraged to allow for a full day to accommodate the session itself and additional time for initial orientation, intention setting, and post-session integration discussions.

    "What steps should I take to prepare for my Soulscape session?"

    Preparation for a Soulscape session involves both mental and physical readiness. Begin by reflecting deeply on your intentions for the journey, such as the personal challenges you wish to explore or the insights you’re hoping to uncover. Additionally, you’ll need to fill out a health history form to ensure your safety and suitability for the session. This form will help identify any medications or health conditions that need to be managed or monitored. In some cases, tapering off specific medications, under the guidance of a healthcare professional, may be necessary to minimize any potential interactions with psilocybin. It’s also important to maintain a calm and relaxed schedule leading up to your session, abstain from alcohol and other substances for at least 24 hours beforehand, and ensure you’re well-rested and hydrated. These steps collectively contribute to a smoother and more beneficial Soulscape experience.

    "How should I plan my arrival and departure for the session?"

    For those choosing to have their Soulscape at my home, it’s important to arrange to be dropped off and picked up. Driving after the session is not safe due to the effects of psilocybin. Ensuring you have transportation arranged beforehand will help maintain the session’s safety and effectiveness.

    "Can I leave immediately after my Soulscape session?"

    It is highly advised against driving or leaving on your own immediately after the session. The effects of psilocybin necessitate a period of grounding and integration before you can safely navigate or operate vehicles. If your session is at a hotel, you’re welcome to stay overnight, allowing for a more gradual and comfortable transition back to your routine the next day.

    "What if I have dietary restrictions for the meal provided?"

    I can accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences to ensure you feel supported and cared for during your Soulscape journey. Please inform me of any dietary needs in advance, so we can ensure the meal provided post-session meets your requirements.

    "Can I have someone with me during the Soulscape session?"

    Soulscape sessions are deeply personal and introspective journeys that are typically undergone individually with guidance from Ryan Negri. However, if having a trusted friend or family member nearby would make you feel more comfortable and safe, their presence at the location can be accommodated, though they would not participate directly in the session. This arrangement can be discussed during the preliminary consultation.

    "What should I wear to my Soulscape session?"

    Comfort is key for a Soulscape session. It’s recommended to wear comfortable and warm clothes. The body tends to cool down while experiencing the effects of psilocybin, so dressing warmly can help keep you comfortable throughout the journey.

    "What happens if I have a difficult experience during the session?"

    While psilocybin is known for its potential to induce profound and positive transformative experiences, it can also bring up challenging emotions or thoughts. As your guide, I am trained to support you through any difficult moments, using techniques to help navigate these experiences safely. The setting, preparation, and support are all designed to create a space where you can face and work through these challenges with guidance.

    "How long will it take to notice changes after my Soulscape session?"

    The impact of a Soulscape session can vary greatly among individuals. Some participants report immediate insights and feelings of transformation, while for others, the integration of the experience into daily life may unfold over weeks or even months. It’s important to allow yourself time and space to reflect on and process your experience. Continued personal development practices and integration support can facilitate the translation of insights gained during the session into lasting changes.

    "How do I schedule an initial consultation for a Soulscape session?"

    To schedule an initial consultation for a Soulscape session, you have multiple convenient options. You can fill out the contact form provided above on this page, ensuring to detail any specific inquiries or preferences you might have. Alternatively, if you prefer a more direct method, feel free to email me directly at ryan@ryannegri.com. For those who might already have my contact details, sending a text message or making a call is also a welcome approach. This initial consultation is a great opportunity to discuss your interests, any concerns you might have, and to start tailoring your unique Soulscape journey.