About - Welcome to My World
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This is what I’m doing now.


I’m an experienced, methodical angel investor & business developer with financial and investment skills for the venture capital and business development processes, including; due diligence, financial analysis, valuation, negotiation, contracts, term sheets LOIs, equity and debt mechanisms, standard terms, and deal structures.

A strategic visionary with the passion for creating the future, and an innate and insatiable intellectual curiosity about business, technology, business models, and mergers & acquisitions.


I’m a focused and persuasive decision maker with the ability to drive oneself and other parties towards decisions, including engaging with courage and candor to expedite decision making. Always operating with clarity and precision in communication tempered by transparency and versatility while maintaining a rational view of specific opportunities and advocating for the development of a ubiquitous portfolio.


A superb communicator & relentless networker with a consistently high-level of communication, influence and interpersonal skills, utilized to network, navigate, negotiate, influence, and execute internally with cross-functional teams, internally and externally, with multiple stakeholders and partners. My unique ability to develop and leverage internal and external global relationships and networks is critical.


I remain a disciplined, adaptable tactician with strong execution in emergent and uncertain situations, coupled with the ability to be adaptable and problem solve in the face of evolving internal and external agendas and ever-changing priorities.