“What are you up to these days?!” – Everyone



  1. Pups & Home
  2. Personal Health & Wellness
  3. 4F Ventures – an $8M Fund
  4. Laicos – Software Reseller / Startup Studio
  5. Mentoring Startups

Millie & Home

It only took three months after Mozy died for me to get a puppy, and he’s awesome. His name is Milie. Taking care of Millie and Milo is almost a full-time job - I'm kidding, but I make it a full-time job! I've been enjoying being single. I thought I'd be depressed being alone (after the separation), but it's actually pretty awesome. I have learned to love to be alone, and it’s a great feeling.

Personal Health & Wellness

I'm always learning about and improving on my health - in 2016 I begun a program to create a sustainable diet plan for myself, which I've tweeted about since starting. It's called a ``365-Day Challenge``, where for an entire year I eat healthy and maintain a diet and exercise schedule - it’s a long game. In addition to physical and dietary health, I’m also working on my mental, which has deteriorated since selling my company in 2013. I read books on personal growth, I meditate daily and do Yoga once a week, and I’m also starting to see a therapist to help with some of the transitional and relationship issues I’ve been dealing with for a while. I’ve blogged about my diet plan a few times, and written about my mental health as well. Through these blogs and tweets, I've helped over 20 people improve their health and lives, which is really inspirational to me. Reach out if I can help you.

Something New

I've started a new Venture firm and fund! It's called 4F Ventures and it's an $8M fund investing in traditionally overlooked founders building software companies in eCommerce & FinTech. Through this fund, I'll deploy up to $250K into more than 30 companies over the next two years. Please visit the 4F Ventures website for more information.

Laicos Software Reseller & Startup Studio

Laicos is a Startup Studio and software resale company. Recently, We've started reselling software and there seems to be a very large appetite for it. We've started with Xero, accounting software for SMBs and will expand from there. Occasionally my focus is on bringing in web development, design, or consultant contracts (revenue). We’ve got a very talented full-stack team ready to build on a moment's notice. I love helping mid to enterprise clients build the software they need.

Helping & Mentoring Startups

Since 2012, I've been mentoring and advising early-stage startups, it's my passion. I love helping people start up and scale their companies. Most of the work that I do is pro-bono (ie. free), but I have on occasion accepted equity, board seats, or charged a retainer. If you're interested in my help, use the contact form and reach out.

This idea was inspired by the many entrepreneurs that came before me. Thank you.

Last Updated: 8/11/2021