Closing Down Aces and Sharks 🦈

We recently made the difficult decision to shut down our two NFT projects, Aces and Card Sharks. As a co-creator and co-founder of these projects, it wasn’t an easy choice, and it took a lot of consideration to arrive at this decision.

As more and more projects launched daily, it became increasingly difficult to maintain the fun and engaging environment that we had set out to create. We wanted to ensure that everyone felt like they got value, education, and entertainment from the projects, but it became apparent that this was no longer feasible.

For months, we explored different options such as selling the projects, giving them to the community, or handing them over to another brand. However, in the end, we realized that it was time to move on, given the current state of the crypto industry and the amount of time and resources that we and others in the industry have.

We are proud of what we have accomplished with these projects. We hit every major milestone we had planned, including building card contests, poker rooms, and our own marketplace. We even created our own coin and had close to 6,000 NFTs in circulation. Despite our team moving on, I did my best to remain dedicated to answering your questions and ensuring that you felt like part of our community.

I want to thank everyone who supported us and contributed to our projects. We couldn’t have done it without you. While we are saying goodbye to Aces and Sharks, our community Discord is still going strong. The Discord (Called HQ) is now focused on personal growth to support my coaching clients and community, I look forward to seeing you there.


Thank you for being part of our journey. I hope to see you in the HQ!