Eastbound, Then Down

Eastbound, then Down

My wife and I, along with our two pups, are moving to Tampa, Florida (in April, 2015). Tampa is about to bloom, and Laicos is positioned perfectly – a beneficiary of the environment and exciting potential while also giving back to both the community and industry. I can’t live in Las Vegas while I put this responsibility entirely on my co-founder, Kyle, who has been there for the last decade. The opportunity in Tampa is ripe and my vision of making a real difference in a community will be realized there.

Amy and I love(d) Las Vegas, and we will definitely be back. We will miss all of the great friends we made, founders we met, and places we visited. I hope to remain in contact with you all, and am always here to help/share advice to any founders, entrepreneurs, anyone in need; my inbox is always open.

Take care, and best wishes to everyone. Tampa, here we come.