Eminem: The Worlds Quietest Entrepreneur

Eminem is an entrepreneur — everyone knows this. However, I don’t think Eminem himself realized this until creating his last two albums, Recovery and The Marshall Mathers LP2.

Born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, the rapper has led a troubled life with many personal challenges surrounding family, money, and his music. Recently, however, he has realized his music is more powerful than the life it has created for himself. He’s learned it can bring life to other people, including entrepreneurs.

A few of his recent songs, and even some older songs, touch on entrepreneurial-type events and feelings.

His song “Not Afraid” (2010) talks about doing what you believe in and not worrying about what others say or think. He raps about admitting your failures and growing through your mistakes, and being dedicated to the mission and not stopping at roadblocks or failures.

Another great song is “No Love” (2010). It’s lyrics drive me to become better and to not focus on what others have said about my rise to success. It’s about putting your head down and creating something great, without listening to critics. It’s about not holding grudges, but also not carrying potentially poisonous relationships forward. You have to leave the haters and doubters behind.

One of the more popular songs on The Marshall Mathers LP2 is “The Monster” (2013). This talks about responsibility and how Eminem wanted to be something big, but not deal with the problems that come with success. He had to embrace what was happening, and take responsibility for his former self. This is a tough task for stubborn, or close-minded entrepreneurs. Some pass responsibility to others, yet as an entrepreneur you need to take the responsibility yourself.

The most touching Eminem song that talks about entrepreneurialism is “I Need a Doctor” (2013). This is about mentorship and how important being “given a chance” can be. He also touches on how it is to not have anyone who believes in you, and how important that one person is who does. The story of Dr. Dre’s influence on Eminem is important to Eminem’s career, showing how important relationships are and how they may be the only things you have in life. Cherish the good relationships you have, and drop those that are holding you back. Relationships have been and will continue to be the single most important part of being successful. You can’t form a business without forming relationships. Just ask Eminem.