Today is my last day at Negri Electronics. I honestly never thought I’d say that.

For those of you that don’t know, until December 24th, 2013 I was the owner of Negri Electronics – Your Source for High End Unlocked Wireless Devices. The company was sold on Christmas Eve (you can read more here). During the negotiations I offered my complete support throughout the transition, I relocated to Las Vegas to be closer to the main office in hopes it would help make the transition a successful one. But today, I bid you farewell. I still will remain on the Board of Directors.

You should know Negri Electronics has big plans for the future. The name will be changed, but the service and support you received in the past will continue.

Even though I will no longer be a part of the company I built from the ground up, I will still be reachable for my long-time loyal customers and other great relationships I’ve formed over the last 7 years and 9 months. These are irreplaceable. I will be keeping the same email address for your convenience. There will be an annoying auto-responded that you will have to deal with, but it won’t be lengthy.

There are a few things you should know:

1. I will no longer be able to assist in issues with your orders, or disputes. For all of these types of issues, please contact support@negrielectronics.com

2. I will likely not reply to messages sent to me about issues with the company, those need to be directed to support, or feedback@negrielectronics.com

3. I am not retiring. As much as I would enjoy the first 2 months, I just can’t see myself NOT building something. So, I will do just that, starting with Laicos.com

4. I am interested in meeting other entrepreneurs, successful or not. You can find contact information somewhere – use your resources.

5. I am not at liberty to discuss any information regarding the sale, don’t ask.

6. I will be residing in Las Vegas, Nevada for the foreseeable future and have no plans to relocate – I hate moving!

7. I will not change. My personality and my drive has not and will not change. Follow me on twitter if you need a preview of what that’s like.

8. I still love all of my customers! You guys mean the world to me. Without you, I wouldn’t be here and for that, I thank you.

9. I will truly miss it.

I will truly miss the people involved in the success of this company. This includes staff, advisors, vendors and friends. I did my absolutely best to change this industry for the better, and feel that I did a pretty good job. For the last 5 years our emphasis was customer care, and as you have seen over the last 5 years more and more companies have turned their focus to just that. I do not wish to take credit for this, however, I do want to emphasize its importance and make sure that you know that you deserve the best. Don’t’ settle for poor support to try and save a few bucks; it’s not worth it. I won’t preach to you about how to shop, and I won’t try to convince you to use Negri Electronics in the future – just do your research and choose the best “value”, and that’s not always next to the dollar sign.

This is where I leave you, but, I am open to answer some questions as long as they are outside the 9 items above. Feel free to find me on Ask.fm and submit your question.


Ryan J. Negri
NegriCo, LLC
Laicos, LLC