Entrepreneur Must Have: A Stand Out BIO

As an entrepreneur or professional in any capacity it’s a requirement that you have a biography that reflects your experience, your personality, and why someone would want to work with you. ¬†Here are some tips to make sure that your bio is a stand out:

1. Professional headshot: Make sure you have a head shot, but ideally you should seek out a professional photographer that can capture your personality.  If the options are to have a candid photo shot with your phone or no photo at all, always opt for having a photograph.  People connect with people, so if you are looking to do business and build relationships with people in your industry, a headshot is a requirement.

2. Brevity: Get to the point. A biography is not the time when you list your entire resume or share the details of childhood. ¬†Share enough interesting details and highlights to be interesting, but don’t give us the play by play. ¬†Summarize the things that make you unique.

3. Personality: Don’t be afraid to showcase your sense of humor, unique talent, or whatever it is that makes you different. When looking for entrepreneurs to invest in I consider values, experience, but I also value how coachable and friendly you are. If your bio showcases characteristics that are uniquely you, you will be more memorable, which gives you an edge over the entrepreneurs that are playing it safe.

4. Correct tense: Nothing is worse than the guy on LinkedIn who talks about himself in the third person. “Bob is passionate” is not nearly as effective as “I am passionate” and for those of us reading it, the entire thing just feels unnatural. ¬†Keep your bio in the correct tense for the audience. Don’t talk about yourself in the third person.

5. Link it up: Entrepreneurs and professionals should have frequently updated bios in all major social media communities to ensure easy access for potential investors, clients, and partners.  Make sure that you link them all using about.me or your personal blog. Cross promote each of your profiles to make sure your audience follows you on all channels.

Let’s connect! ¬†I am always looking to connect with innovative entrepreneurs, invest in game changing startup teams, or hear about your philanthropic pursuits. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. ¬†Ryan Negri025