Fuse – You’re One Social Person. Get One Social App

Fuse: Social

Fuse brings together all your favorite social networks in one beautiful experience.  Kyle Matthews (founder of ModMyi.com) and I created the app – and you can get Fuse in the App Store as of 6/11/2013.

The concept came from a simple issue – every morning I wake up, I open Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked In to see what is going on today. 4 different apps, and sometimes I even check out Google Plus or my favorite news sites as well. This gets to be a lot of work – I’m one person, involved in several social networks online.

Fuse offers a solution – a central, unified experience where you can view, reply, and post to your favorite networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked In are supported right now, although as we grow we plan to add support for more networks). It’s a great way to scroll through your online social life without having to open a half dozen apps. Like we say – you’re one social person, get one social app.

Development of this app presents a few issues – the network public APIs don’t all allow for all interaction types yet. For instance – Instagram doesn’t yet support notifications in third party apps, so Fuse doesn’t notify you of Instagram interactions (although you can still like, view, and comment from within Fuse). Facebook doesn’t allow you to SEND messages (although viewing and receiving is fine). These are issues which we are waiting for the networks to address, upon which we’ll immediately add the feature to Fuse. So while Fuse may currently only be the best solution 85% of the time – we’re excited about the growth and additional feature lists possible.

Grab Fuse in the App Store – it’s free, and includes Facebook and Twitter support out of the box. Instagram or Linked In support is a one-time $0.99 in-app purchase per network. We’re also looking for feedback – we’ve got an aggressive upgrade schedule already planned out, and we’d love to hear what users want most.


Credit https://kylematthews.me