Give Back And Give Back Big

I serve on the board of Because of Ezra, a pediatric cancer organization, because kids are the future and I was shocked to learn that only 5% of all of the money raised for cancer goes to pediatric cancer. 5%!!! The reality is that it’s not about the adults, it’s about the kids. These are kids that are going to create the next google, who could solve world hunger, and who have entire lives ahead of them.

My Laicos co founder of Laicos, Kyle Matthews, lost his son Ezra to neuroblastoma when he was only 800 days old. I met Kyle in a chat room 15 years ago talking about mobile phones and hacking mobile phones when the Motorola Razr came out (you all remember that one). We have been friends ever since, but I didn’t meet him in person until five years ago. His heart is unbelievably big and he is honest, trustworthy, smart, knows code, design, and has a heart for people. He has always been a friend and advisor. When I ran Negri Electronics, every package shipped out with a bracelet that said “Because of Ezra” and “Kick Cancer’s Ass”. I make it a point of only partnering with and investing in like minded, community oriented individuals and organizations because I am committed to supporting innovation that changes the world and saves lives. The impact that Because of Ezra is making for children with cancer is priceless.