Give First, I Do

Help you, I can

tl:dr I’d love to help you. Please check out available time-slots for mentorship.

Many of you may not know, but I enjoy helping others. “Give first” has been my mentality since I became experienced enough to give good advice, but I didn’t start to use that phrase until I read Brad Feld’s amazing post titled “Give before you get“.  I didn’t know what my version would be, but I knew I wanted to give back. I couldn’t just copy Brad – that’s lazy. My mantra is to “Give First”.  (Ps, at the time, I was unaware that this was also TechStars mantra) I will give without the notion of receiving anything back. I think that’s important, because if you’re only giving to get, you won’t be authentic in your message, and your goal will be to do something for the sole purpose of obtaining something in return. Which is why I use “Give First”. It’s an open-ended phrase with no expectations; my only expectation is that the information and advice provided is used for good.

With that being said, I am opening up mentoring to all technology entrepreneurs. I’m fluent/experienced in tech, sales, marketing, brand management, versed in investing, pitching and many other categories that go into building and scaling a successful company. If I can help just one person avoid a disastrous mistake, or give advice that helps someone succeed, it will all be worth it.