When You Know, You Know 💡

A brief look at the life-changing journey that inspired me to create a Personalized Self-Actualization Consulting practice.

My name is Ryan Negri. Along with being an investor, entrepreneur, and dedicated dog father, I am a human being, who has — like so many others — struggled to live a meaningful, happy life: I had an unhealthy lifestyle, I couldn’t identify my purpose, I found no satisfaction in my work, and I was stuck in a toxic relationship for over a decade. Until the day I decided to turn my life around and began working to rewire my brain.

It all started with a choice: I had to choose a more active lifestyle, to focus on my mental health, to connect with nature, my innate sense of spirituality, and my own energy. By choosing to view myself and the world in a new light, I was able to break free of my own baggage — essentially, the stories I’d been telling myself my whole life about who I really am.

In just two years, I have become a happier and healthier version of myself than I ever thought was possible. I have found a profound sense of meaning in my life, and I have been able to let go of my debilitating need for control.

The right guidance

Along with many blogs, podcasts, and books, I sought guidance from a (typically) unlikely source: my general practitioner. But this became a life-changing relationship for me, as this doctor became the single most influential person I have encountered so far along my spiritual journey. This trusted MD also helped prepare me for a number of greatly beneficial experiences with psilocybin. I had begun asking the question — “Why are we here?” — and my trips helped me identify that answer!

Everyone has a different answer to the question, “Why am I here?” And everyone is allowed to decide for themselves what brings a sense of purpose to their life. As for me, I believe we are here to help one another, to share our special gifts and talents, to love others, and to lift each other up — essentially, to work together to become the most-loving, most-giving, most-creative versions of ourselves possible.

When you find meaning, anything else is meaningless.

One extremely important aspect of this process, I discovered, is the power of mentorship. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who want only the best for you is an incredibly helpful — if not necessary — part of personal transformation. In the process of finding my true self — of creating a new set of thoughts, habits, and beliefs — I was able to build a strong, supportive community. 

I didn’t receive the support I was hoping for from many of my friends, which pushed me to build a range of new, amazing relationships full of depth and mutual understanding. It was incredible to see just how connected you can feel with others in such a short time. In the end, the duration of the relationship means very little. 

My gift to share

Modern society doesn’t teach us how to become better people; those who feel the calling are usually left to navigate this space on their own. That’s certainly why it took me so long to start my journey to becoming my true self — but now that I’m on my way, I can’t imagine living in any other way. And my purpose now is to share what I have learned with others.

Therapy has its benefits, and coaching can be very helpful for some, but what I am offering is not either of those. What I’m offering is a way for you to disrupt negative thought patterns, to find your own answers to your own burning questions, to get out of your own way and start really living your life. And my role is simply to help you make that happen.

I have helped clients work through personality issues stemming from childhood trauma. I have also helped clients reach their professional goals, repair their damaged relationships, and establish a healthy work-life balance. Whatever you’re struggling with, I know we can work through it together. 

Most of the people I work with are working professionals with busy lives who don’t have time to waste. They are willing to put in the work but they also want results: They want to feel better and experience positive changes in their life. What they also all have in common is that they want to work on themselves, to improve as human beings.

No one becomes the best version of themselves by accident or by force. Self-actualization starts, endures, and ends as an internal process. The intention of my services — the purpose of my life — is to guide you through that process. 

Uncomfortable truths

That said, I’m not going to sugarcoat it — in my practice, I am going to push you every step of the way. So if you are not ready to hear some hard truths, to look at yourself objectively, and to change as a human being, the assistance I’m offering may not be for you. Change is uncomfortable. And when we take on work that is truly important, at times, we will also feel discouraged. Our time together will be challenging, I can promise you that. But you will come out the other side a higher-functioning, more-actualized version of yourself — I can promise you that, too.

It took me too long to discover that being happy with who I am is the absolute best way to live. Nothing else comes close to the joy and satisfaction of self-acceptance and self-love. I’m here to help you discover that for yourself, in less time than it took me, and with fewer stumbles along the way.

Ultimately, by sharing what I have learned, I want to show you an entirely new way of thinking about and living your life. Unlike traditional forms of personal coaching and therapy, my approach is designed to completely upend the life you think is inevitable. I’ve been a coach, a mentor, an advisor, a founder, and an investor — now, though, I am a teacher, whose one goal is to open your eyes and guide you along the path to self-actualization. I want to show you the power of your mind and the reach of your infinite potential.