Help A Father Out

Ryan n GramsOn Saturday, June 14th, the day before Father’s Day, my Grandmother died. It hit my father pretty hard, but he was happy to know that she was now free from the pain. My Father is a tough man, both inside and out. I rarely saw him show strong emotion toward something, but that never meant he didn’t care. When I visited my family a few weeks later my Father explained to me that his Mother had left him a voicemail before she passed, and that voicemail has disappeared. He explained that he would log into the voice mailbox and listen to the voicemail and save it every 10-12 days, because it said it would expire after 14 (a horrible system, but that’s another story). While he explained all of this to me, I could see how important it was to him to have this voicemail and be able to listen to it at will. I could see how badly this hurt him, knowing it wasn’t there anymore, and was almost as if he felt like he let his Mother down in some way.

Coming from the telecom/mobile industry, I reached out to some peers to ask for assistance. I explained part of the story, in that I just wanted a voicemail recovered for my Father. I was told it wasn’t possible – but I refuse to believe that.  I rarely ask for help, but this is something I can’t do by myself. I’m willing to offer a $500 payment or a donation to a charity of choice, for the recovery of this voicemail.

Please help if you can. If you can’t, just share this story and maybe it will reach someone that can. Thank you for your support.


(If you can help, leave a comment below, or contact me directly)