Let’s Come Together and Build a Home for Haiti

home for haiti

tl;dr: Please help me in funding a home in Haiti.

I’m very particular on who I partner with, especially when it comes to non-profit organizations (NPO). Many of them abuse their power, overpay their executives and waste money that hard working donors contribute. I usually pass on promoting or assisting NPOs in raising funds for that reason. Aside from Because of Ezra, I have yet to find a foundation that is truly transparent and follows through on their promises. Then I discovered New Story, an amazing Y Combinator-backed non-profit organization run by Brett Hagler. New Story is running a campaign to fund 100 homes in Haiti, in 100 days. I know I can help. I know the people that read this can help.

newstory funding

Cost Breakdown, and where the money will go

After the horrible Haitian earthquake in 2010, every NPO and their sister was raising money for Haiti, including the Red Cross. I didn’t donate to a single one. The absence of transparency by many organizations stopped me. I felt that my contribution would have been diluted by ‘fat’ organizations who kept more of my donation for themselves.

I’m sure there are other great foundations out there that actually made an impact in Haiti, but I haven’t found one with this level or transparency. Transparency is something I’ve implemented into my life and my businesses and is something I feel everyone should practice. Maybe not to the extent of Buffer (who I love! Hi, Joel), but even the slightest transparency can build trust and confidence within an organization. Among other reasons, that’s the biggest differentiator for me when donating to a cause.

With all this being said, I’ve started a campaign to fund 1 home for a family in Haiti. My reasons for starting this campaign are listed there. The focus for this campaign is to get the local community involved and, collectively, make an impact we can be proud of. Picture the headline “Tampa Bay Community Builds a Home in Haiti!”. What a great way to all come together to support an amazing cause for a family in need. While we anticipate this being a success, we don’t want to leave anyone out, so you do not have to be a member of the local community to contribute to this cause. You can give here, give to a specific family, or share the story. Whatever you choose, please decided to support the cause. $5, $10 or a simple share goes a long way.

If you would like to start your own campaign, please visit the New Story site and create one. Create a campaign for your Startup Community. Let’s see how many houses we can fund before the 100th day. Join me in changing lives by building homes and, ultimately,  ensuring the long-term betterment of in-need and deserving families. (Campaign Link)