Make A Difference: Lets Party And Raise Awareness For Children’s Cancer

Ryan Negri025

When I was younger I used to dream of growing up and making a difference. I wasn’t always clear on what that difference would be, but I knew I would be changing lives and leaving the world a better place. Over the years that altruism has given way to realism thanks to the responsibilities of adulthood, but there is one thing that remains as true today as it did when I was a child: I am here to make a difference.

All too often as entrepreneurs we get caught up in the day to day grind, always achieving one goal and setting another higher and yet another higher and higher, but without the awareness that we are living a life most people only dream of living. We are doing things, climbing mountains, and solving problems that the majority of human beings can’t even begin to start let alone finish. It is with that entrepreneurial spirit and heart that I ask each of you to join me in making a measurable, real difference for people with less than us.

As a board member on the pediatric cancer charity Because of Ezra, I wasn’t drawn to the cause because I am a father, in fact, I am not.  I was drawn to the struggle of these young cancer-fighters because they need someone stronger, with a louder voice, and a stronger countenance than they have to stand up for them. In my world there is nothing stronger, louder, or tougher than entrepreneurs who risk it all and innovate against the status quo. These children are fighting for their lives and they need each one of you, as leaders, to step up, to stand up, and to speak out on their behalf.

On Saturday, September 27th from 7-11PM at the Downtown Container Park the Because of Ezra foundation is hosting the third annual Karaoke for the Kure event, it’s first in Las Vegas. There will be once in a lifetime opportunities to perform on stage with Ray Toro of My Chemical Romance and performances by Las Vegas native Frankie Moreno, plus an open bar for only $50.  I am asking each of you to join me and support this worthy cause while having an amazing time with your family, friends, and community. Get your tickets here and if you can’t make it, support the event online right now by pledging a donation here.