Make It Happen Monday: 3 Tips To Stay Positive


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Startup entrepreneurs face challenges every day that would make the vast majority of people weak in the knees. Even the most optimistic will hit tough days that will test your belief that the blood, sweat, and tears are all worth it. When you hit that place here are three tips to help you stay positive.

1.¬†Play out the worst case scenario.¬†¬†When it seems like everything is working against you in the world you tend to get caught up in the moment. ¬†The best advice I ever heard was that “it is darkest before the dawn” and it gave me hope that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. ¬†No one remembers the bad days. ¬†Work out the absolute worst thing that could happen through to where you would be able to move on. Death isn’t a fair excuse because we are all going to die and, even then, no one is going to remember you for your bad days. ¬†They will, however, inevitably remember the good times and all the good things you did in the world.

2.¬†Reach out to your inner circle.¬†¬†I had to train myself to reach out for support during difficult times because I thought I was the impenetrable superhero entrepreneur who wasn’t allowed to be vulnerable, weak, or insecure. ¬†The funny part was that my friends who have been there for me for years all knew better. ¬†They saw through my fancy armor and were happy to hear me get real about the challenges I was facing. ¬†Everyone needs a safe spot to fall in our lesser moments and it makes the people who love you feel good to be there to lift you up.

3.¬†Do something about it.¬† Don’t use one bad day as an excuse to create a cycle of bad days that leads to a funk you’ll need intervention from. ¬†Get yourself out into the sunshine for a walk, make time to unplug, and take the time to appreciate all of the people you have in your life that you can trust with all of your ugly moments. ¬†You’re going to get through this and I know you are headed somewhere amazing that will change the world.

I don’t have all the answers, but I do know that one bad day won’t change my optimistic outlook. ¬†We have one life to live and I’m more determined than ever to live mine to the fullest, enjoying each step.