Make Ii Happen Monday: Master Your Social Media

As a professional it can be a challenge to know what social media communities to be active on, let alone how much activity is ideal for building your brand.  There are a variety of management tools out there ranging from HootSuite to Nimble to our easy to use app, Fuse.  No management tool will create great content or engage on your behalf, so you will still need to commit to growing your audience day by day, earning each fan one step at a time.  You should only have accounts in these social media communities if you are committed to engaging with the audience, so if you aren’t active, don’t have an account.  Here are some helpful daily habits that can help you get your social media in order.

Facebook: Try to find at least five pages each day that interest you and like them.  Comment on at least 2 pages each day.  Post a morning and afternoon post that are relevant to you and your brand. Don’t forget to tag people and pages in your posts to increase engagement.

Twitter:  Studies have shown that the ideal number of tweets per day is 6-8, so make sure you are tweeting at least 6-8 times with plenty of #tags to capture like minded traffic.  Follow at least 10 new people each day and try to add engage in conversations with at least two followers each day.

LinkedIn: Connect with at least 5 new people per week and follow at least 3 new companies each week.  Build your recommendations by asking past clients, partners, or employees to recommend you on your profile.  Make sure all of your blogs are shared on LinkedIn with a call to action.

Pinterest: Create a new pin board relevant to your business every week and tweet about it.  Set aside 15 minutes each day to add to your existing boards and encourage your followers to pin to your boards.  Don’t forget the keywords and hashtags to capture like minded traffic.

Instagram: Post at least 3 photos each day with appropriate hashtags.  Follow at least 10 new people per day and comment on 5 follower posts.

Foursquare: Check into your office daily and encourage your team to do the same.  Create checkins for all of your special events and promote them in advance of the event.  Add reviews of your favorite local establishments frequently to capture like minded audience.

Google+: Add people to your circles every day, with a weekly goal of 10 new additions.  Make sure your posts are set to public and share your YouTube video comments, blogs, and content daily.

Reddit: Create a subreddit group for your community with at least one new daily thread.  Monitor your threads with automated email alerts and participate in at least five daily threads unrelated to your community.

Blog: Write and publish at least one new blog post daily.  Repost all blog content on applicable social media platforms.