Make It Happen Monday: How So Say Goodbye To Your Start Up With Class

Startups fail. Companies fail. People fail. But it’s not about the failure; it’s about the journey traveled, and sharing that journey with others to spare them the mistakes. Too many startups fail and try to wither away silently. That’s wrong. Admit your failures and move on, but don’t hide what happened, and how you got there, or why you’re going away. It is estimated that 90% of startups fail and it shouldn’t be that high. You’re embarrassed you failed, but you need to share your failures on the way down, just as you boasted about your successes on the way up. Helping others is a part of humanity. Everyone is human, especially start up entrepreneurs.

Whether you will be judged or not is the least of your concerns. As a failing startup, you have done more than 90% of Americans because you started a business. You can fail and still be successful.  I have failed many times, admitted those failures, grew on those failures, took advice when it was offered, and eventually turned that failure into a success. The fact that it was with the same company is irrelevant. If you fail, start something else, but use what you’ve learned to make sure you don’t fail the same way. Take the advice from those that offered, take the criticism from those that are jealous of your experience, and use that to motivate you to create again. You may fail again, but not the same way you failed before. Life is a series of failures and successes, in order to grow as a person; you need both of those in your life, but you will learn more from the failures than the successes.