Miserable Millennial?

I am a millennial. Feels like confessing to being a hipster, but without the judgement or skinny pants. I am on the older side of the millennial generation and, with a more traditional work ethic and value set, it seems like a funny thing for me to admit.  However, it is the truth and according to the Pew Research Center, 36% of people born from 1980-2000 are currently living at home with their parents. This an estimated 21.6 million people who are the highest percentage of people still living at home since the 1960’s.  Traditionally getting a job was the springboard to moving out and getting your own place.  Today almost 40% of my fellow millennials are unemployed and since most of them were raised by Baby Boomer parents who encouraged them to “follow your passion” as career advice, this is the perfect time for all of those miserable millennials to forego clocking in and do just that by diving head first into entrepreneurship.  Dive into whatever it is that you are passionate about, figure out how to turn a profit at it, and be prepared to learn everything you never knew you needed to know about work ethic thanks to the priceless lessons that creating and growing your very own business will teach you. Ryan Negri078