My First Post

The nature of a personal blog is to blog. Unfortunately the position I’m in doesn’t allow for much free time so unfortunately my first blog post will have to be a short. I started this blog to express my opinions. If you know me, or follow me on twitter, you’ll notice that I rarely hold back. So here is your disclaimer: if you’re easily offended there is no need to bookmark this page.

A personal blog is used to express a person’s view on a particular topic of interest to them. To them. Not to you. So while some of these topics that I talk about might not have any relation or interest to you. Don’t feel down about this, as I will cover many different topics throughout all of these posts.

I want to thank you for your initial interest in this blog, and hope that you find some of the things that are said to be interesting. A blog is a great way to express a person’s ‘personal feelings’ about a topic; while these words are my own, they are in no way a reflection of my companies views. These thoughts and words are my own.