Onward and Upward


I’m incredibly excited to announce that I’ve joined Iron Yard Ventures as Managing Director of their new Accelerator in Las Vegas! (what’s an accelerator?)

I’ve been obsessed with building great companies throughout my career. Whether founding, mentoring or investing in early-stage startups, my passion for supporting strong teams and innovation in unexpected places is well documented. It’s also what makes IYV such an incredible fit for me and I was beyond pleased when they tapped me for this role.

As Managing Director my mandate is to find and work with the best people and help build great companies solving important problems through technology. I’ll be leading accelerator operations, sourcing and recruiting new strategic partners, services, mentors, and advisors, recruiting and investing in talented teams/companies and founders, and working hands-on with teams that are accepted into the accelerator. (Apply Here) Also, we’re hiring. Right now. If you or someone you know would be a world class Program Manager, please reach out.

In parallel with my position at Iron Yard Ventures, I’ve joined Glass Lake Capital as a Senior Tech Advisor. I’ll be advising Glass Lake partners in their search for health-tech related companies to invest in and operate. I’ll be working with those companies to achieve scale.

I’m so excited for this new opportunity and to continue partnering with awesome teams as a VC.

If you’re interested in learning more, or wish to join our program as a mentor, advisor, partner, or sponsor, email me at ryan@ironyardventures.com

A big THANK YOU to Brad, Jake, Jason(s), Austin, Porter, David, Brian, Jon, Nathan, Alex, Eric, Ron, Mark, Kurt, Philip, Reed, and everyone else for their support over the last few months.

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More on Iron Yard Ventures

Iron Yard Ventures is a seed stage investment firm and the sister organization of The Iron Yard code academy. Iron Yard Ventures has a network of nationally ranked programs for startups and the entrepreneurs. Since 2012, IYV has invested in more than 50 early stage technology companies (such as Full Contact, MoonClerk, and ChartSpan) who have gone on to raise more than $70 million in follow-on funding. In 2015 and 2016 Iron Yard Ventures wasnamed as one of the top startup accelerator programs in the US.

Back in 2013 IYV started setting up accelerators in two cities (Greenville, SC and Spartanburg, SC). Las Vegas will be the company’s third city, and while IYV typically invests in companies from a variety of industries, our focus for this accelerator is hospitality and gaming. Las Vegas is the hospitality capital of the world and we’re able to leverage our local relationships to connect our companies to corporate customers, investors, and/or acquirers.

I’ll still be consulting for Laicos on a part-time basis as it’s important to me to continue to support our existing clients. More on Laicos on a later post.