Post 72-hour Fast No. 3

Recently I completed a 72-hr water fast, where during a 3 day period I don’t consume calories. If you think this is insane, here is an article that highlights some of the benefits.

Listed here;

  • Weight Loss (not my goal)
  • Regenerated immune system
  • Mental and physical reset (main goal)

I’ve started to do these every quarter and I had thought they would continue to get easier, but this last one was tough.

Prior to this Fast, I’ve been doing IF (intermittent fasting) for 11 months, and recently I shorted my Fast from 16 to 15 hours per day – that may be why it was more difficult this time. I’m going to be upping the Fast back to 16 hours going forward, for that reason and I seem to be adding body fat with my weight gain, and fat isn’t part of the goal.

I highly recommend the IF and the 72-hour fast. So many people that have tried this are still on it and are losing fat/weight – it’s inspiring and encouraging.

If you have questions or comments leave one below. Thanks.