Post-Vacation Feels

Is post-vacation depression a thing? 

July 2nd, I returned back from a week in Hawaii to a familiar feeling. It’s the same feeling I had for years, so it is familiar to me, but this shouldn’t happen after a vacation, should it?

I had spent most of the vacation happy. I say most because the last day is never a good time – the fact that it’s over, the whole travel part, then delays, stupid people, LAX airport, etc. Anyway, after the trip was over, I had no motivation. In fact, my only motivation was to look for another vacation somewhere (the other 5 tabs are vacation websites). When I left, I was really excited about what I was about to do (professionally), so I am more concerned than normal. 

A little background – I don’t vacation much. This latest trip was more of a continuation of my last vacation attempt where I spent a total of 36 hours in Hawaii before coming back to put my dog Mozy down. It wasn’t much of a vacation. Before that, I hadn’t had a vacation since 2016, so after 2020, which felt like 5 years, a vacation was long overdue. 

I’m not sure if this feeling will change, but I really hope it does. But in the same light, do I want it to? Do I need another break?