TL;DR After nearly seven years of marriage, Amy and I have separated and will be divorced soon. She moved out a month ago yesterday. We’ve been together for almost 15 years – we grew up in the same area and even went to high school together! But, as people told me, you can’t make someone love you.

Friends advised me not to share the majority of the post because it was too raw, but you can read it by clicking the image and requesting permission.

This has all been more difficult than expected and it’s probably because we haven’t communicated since she moved out, she’s changed her name on all her social media accounts to her maiden name, and she and her family have all blocked or have ignored me. Her family and I were close. Support has been ok thus far – friends have been there to listen or offer advice. Surprisingly, random folks from the internet have been super-helpful. Some are going through the same situation right now, or have in the past and have offered to help. I believe that experienced advice is the best. 

I’m going to be ok – I’m not at risk – it will just take some time to get through this. 15 years is a long time to spend in love with someone to have them abruptly, and without reason, walk out of your life and never talk to you again. Hopefully, one of these out-of-state job opportunities comes with an offer so I can leave this memory-filled home and city, and start a new life elsewhere soon. A positive new life.

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