Are Serial Entrepreneurs Born Or Bred?

Ryan Negri078

The younger me headed out to the end of the driveway to set up shop.

As a kid I was a natural entrepreneur, always looking for a great opportunity or a better way to do something.  For me, entrepreneurism just came naturally and my career began selling golf balls on the golf course.  As a serial entrepreneur who has lived my entire life creating, growing, and selling entrepreneurial ventures or investing in them as an angel investor, I wonder if serial entrepreneurs– those of us who are driven to ride the entrepreneurial roller coaster for years upon years at a time- are born or bred?  Having heard all of the stories of fellow serial entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, it seems that most started at a young age, determined to live a life of non conformity challenging the status quo to build something bigger than ourselves as serial entrepreneurs.  What do you think?  Are serial entrepreneurs born or bred?