Tech Investor Update: Going From Tech Founder To Investor With Check I’m Here

As a tech founder and entrepreneur with Negri Electronics I was focused on building my company and coaching my fellow entrepreneurs as they worked to create and grow their ventures.  In what can sometimes feel like a mere moment I sold my company, transforming from a tech founder to a tech investor.  I knew that with the sale of my company I would be able to make an even bigger difference and impact the lives of like minded entrepreneurs.  I love the leadership that comes with being an entrepreneur and I love mentoring new entrepreneurs even more.

The passion and determination that it takes to take an idea from concept to execution fuels me as an investor, serial entrepreneur, and mentor. Recently Laicos made an investment into the team at Check I’m Here¬†because they have that unique fire that we look for in¬†entrepreneurial¬†start up¬†teams. ¬†Check I’m Here gives universities and colleges the power to manage, track, assess, and engage students and organizations on campus. ¬†Currently they¬†have a bunch of current universities/colleges with several more looking to come on board. ¬†With an efficient, lean start up minded entrepreneurial team, they have been doing the work of 100 people. ¬†Their¬†marketing team is working on new strategies for lead generation and they just started a new blog that is a must read here:¬†¬†¬†They just landed amazing offices setup with a few other companies that they are sharing in the Poynter Insitute. You can read all about it here:¬† ¬†Make sure you check out the Check I’m Here team!