Tee It Up Tuesday: 3 Tips To Start Your Company Today

I started my first company with two credit cards, the support of my loved ones, and one gigantic leap of faith. It never occurred to me to get investors for my venture because I wasn’t willing to sacrifice controlling the direction of my vision. All too often I hear from talented people that the only thing holding them back from starting their company is a pot of gold. If entrepreneurs waited until they won the lottery to start their companies, the world would be a much different place. Here are three simple tips to start your company today:

1. Start Small: Apple began in a garage. Facebook in a dorm room. No company that changes the world starts out with a massive campus. Take the smallest step that you are comfortable with. This can be as small as getting business cards created or buying the domain for your website. Big time success is all of those small steps forward that you will take each day.

2. Get Help: Teamwork makes the dream work. Reach out to your local chamber of commerce, other business owners, or just leaders in the community that you admire. Share your dream with as many people as possible. Enlist their insight, ask them to share their experience, or be direct and ask them to help you make it become a reality.

3. Grow Your Tool Box: Dig into all the free resources that you can find. Personally, I love the Lean Canvas, Entrepreneur magazine online, and Forbes magazine online for free articles and blogs that will blow your mind with the huge amount of useful information that you can start putting into practice.