Tee It Up Tuesday: Entrepreneurs Need To Connect To Their Community To Succeed

I have heard it said that it takes a village to raise a child and I believe that it absolutely takes a village to raise a successful business.  In order to create, execute, and grow an idea into something that can impact a community it is a requirement that the leaders and entrepreneurs involved connect to the community where they are located.  All too often I have seen startup entrepreneurs who are so focused on their concept that they forget to get out from behind their computer to get feedback from users or inspiration from the world around them. Entrepreneurs are at their best when they are experiencing the world and connecting to fellow innovators. Recently one of the VegasTech community members, the hilarious Mack Holiday, set about creating a community video that showcased why all of the entrepreneurs and community members in DTLV (downtown Las Vegas) seem so happy.  I had the opportunity to dance in it and, even though I didn’t make the cut, it was a great experience and the video showcases the variety of people that make the downtown Las Vegas community such an inspiring experience.  Enjoy!