Tee It Up Tuesday: Entrepreneurs Need To Slow Down


Too many entrepreneurs that I encounter want to rush through everything just to get to the point where they can sell what they’ve built for millions, even billions. Instead of enjoying the experience of creating something of their own, they miss out on the life changing events that lead them to be a better person while they are still only focused on selling their product or company.

If you are building a business just to sell, you are missing out on the little things that may make or break your company. With the focus solely on the long term, you tend to overlook issues that are right in front of you.
Here are some simple tips to help entrepreneurs when starting a business.

1. TAKE A STEP BACK: Outline your plan and leave out any potential acquisition or merger. It’s nothing you need to focus yourself on right now.
2. PERSPECTIVE: View the plan as an adventure, one that is ever changing and more interesting each day.
3. INVEST IN PEOPLE: Build and maintain positive relationships throughout your entrepreneurial adventure.
4. FOCUS: Narrow your focus around creating a product or service that will improve the lives of others or that solves a problem. Above all else, make sure that this is something you enjoy doing.
5. ENJOY THE JOURNEY:  It is entirely true that it is about the journey, not the destination.  Bring people along with you who share the same values and goals. Having a great team is a key to success.
I was able to sell my business because it was complete, and the focus was to build something great and provide an invaluable service for others to procure hard to find high end wireless devices. I didn’t build it for anyone else and I didn’t create it with the intention to sell it one day. I enjoyed the journey and learned so much on the way, with a plan to share what I’ve learned with others as I grow my next venture.