Tee It Up Tuesday: Get Money, Mentorship, & An Office For Your Idea

My offices are located in the heart of the Downtown Project at Work In Progress, which is also home to the project’s newest venture: “The Mill”.  We were once an economy of factories.  Now we’re an economy of ideas.  The mill was the center of economic development.  It was a place that transformed cotton to cloth, grain to flour, ore to steel.  The mill changed the landscape of our economy and now the Downtown Project is doing it again with a really cool concept that could help you bring your idea to reality.  As one of the Mill’s mentors, I invest my time and experience in new entrepreneurs who are testing their concept.

If you need money, mentorship, and an office to bring your idea to life, you can apply at any time and there are no limits to the number of ideas you can submit.  If your idea is accepted you will get $5,000, 2 months free membership at the Work in Progress 6th Street Workspace, an in person orientation in beautiful downtown Las Vegas, and mentorship provided free, on your schedule through a Work in Progress mentor.  Is today the day your idea becomes a reality?