Twitter: Some Of The Must Follow Accounts

Twitter is easily my favorite social media for its’ effectiveness and brevity.  Based on conversations I have had on Twitter I have invested in people, hired them, and guided them along their journey.  If you aren’t using Twitter to grow your network, connect with like minded people, or learn from those wiser than you, you need to start now.  Here are my must follow accounts:

@AmyJoMartin  A fellow #dtlv dweller and social media guru, Amy Jo is forever on an adventure somewhere exciting in the world that you can be a part of.  Follow her for passion, enthusiasm, and the tenacity that comes from being a trailblazing entrepreneur.

@Unmarketing  Easily the funniest entrepreneurial marketing speaker on the planet right now, Scott Stratten has written four books about how you’re doing it wrong and his tweets are the perfect balance of sarcasm,

@Jaltucher  One of the most candid writers out there, James Altucher takes transparency to an entirely new level.  Always authentic about his life and experiences, his twitter account is as interesting as his blog and podcasts.

@TFerriss  The efficiency thought leader can help you master living in four hours or less for practically everything you need to do: working out, running a business, or just living your best life.

@Sacca Chris Sacca is easily my favorite person on twitter for his start up minded investor wisdom and philanthropic heart.  A family man who is committed to community leadership, Chris always inspires me.

@OM Om Malik is a brilliant, like minded investor and founder who just sees the world differently.  His tweets are always fresh, his wisdom is real, and his determination to make the world a better place is endless.

@msuster Mark Suster is another brilliant founder turned investor who is a tireless advocate for entrepreneurs and innovative start ups.  I follow him for great entrepreneur wisdom and great quotes like this one, “If you are not willing to fail you will never do anything great.”