The Friend You Never Had ๐Ÿ’™

The Genesis of an Authentic Service

I am excited to share with you an innovative addition to my personal growth coaching practice. Please allow me to introduce ‘The Friend You Never Had.’ This service was conceived from the pressing need for candid, raw communication in our lives. In an era of habitual courtesy and glossed-over conversations, the raw power of straight talk has never been more crucial.

The Core of ‘The Friend You Never Had’

‘The Friend You Never Had’ isnโ€™t just another coaching program; itโ€™s an authentic channel of communication that provides real, no-nonsense, honest dialogue. For just $500 a month, you’ll receive five hours of transformative conversation that has the potential to pivot your life, one truth at a time. Whether you need advice, an answer to a burning question, insights into a relationship, or just a friendly ear, this service is your go-to resource.

Who Am I in this Journey?

Let me reintroduce myself. Iโ€™m Ryan Negri, the friend youโ€™ll be journeying with. My background encompasses various industries, giving me a unique perspective that fuses business, startups, and spirituality. This service provides the perfect blend of my professional acumen, strategic insights, and heartfelt wisdom. I am here to offer companionship rooted in honesty and truth that empowers you to act and face life’s challenges head-on.

Your Journey to Transformation

Here’s how it works: for a monthly commitment of $500, you’ll have five hours of frank, transformative discussion. This could be through text, emails, Google Hangouts, or voice calls. Remember, this is a straight talk, no-nonsense approach. Unused hours do not roll over into the next month. That being said, I believe cost shouldnโ€™t be a barrier to personal growth, so if you’re experiencing financial hardship, let’s talk. I’m committed to working with you to ensure this service is accessible.

Why ‘The Friend You Never Had’?

This fresh spin-off is all about inclusivity and accessibility. I recognized the need for an affordable, low-friction entry point into coaching, giving everyone a taste of its transformational benefits. Not everyone can afford to spend $1000 a month on personal growth, and this service provides a more affordable option.

More importantly, everyone needs a friend who offers no-BS advice, stripped of fluff and bias. Whether you’re facing an important decision, seeking feedback, struggling with mental health issues, having relationship problems, or need professional advice as a founder or an employee, ‘The Friend You Never Had’ can help. I’ve crafted this service with the understanding that not everyone has a dependable friend to lean on when things get tough.

Get Started Today

So, are you ready to embark on a journey towards self-improvement with a friend who is truly there for you? It takes only a few minutes to sign up. Your questions and concerns are always welcome. After all, ‘The Friend You Never Had’ is built around honesty, transparency, and direct communication, and it all begins with your first question. Remember, you have a friend standing by.