Fuse-Logo-2014 This article was originally published on the Laicos blog, on December 15, 2015. tl;dr We pulled Fuse because of complications with FB API for messaging and Twitter’s write-restriction due to grouping social feeds. After about 200 emails asking “what happened to Fuse?”, I’ve decided to write up a short post about 1) what happened, 2) what our plans are and 3) what else we’re working on. As the story goes, in early 2012 Kyle and I met in my office in CA to discuss what we were going to do together. We knew we wanted to build stuff, but didn’t know how to collaborate on it, or what to do to make it official. And so, Laicos was born (5/2012). At the time, Laicos was a company we would put all of our projects under, in hopes they take off. Plus, now we’d have a vehicle to either sell the services to consumers, or sell the products to companies. We had 100s of ideas between us, but the most viable and timely was Fuse, a social media aggregator to manage all of your networks within one app. Merged feeds, all notifications, and messages within one app. The differentiator here was that our app would allow the user to take action without leaving the app. We decided to move forward and have the application built, and contracted a local (Tampa) design shop, outsourcing the development work since we didn’t yet have an in-house team. The application development took much longer than expected, was very frustrating, but turned out ok, and was usable, so we decided to push it out. Techcrunch picked up the launch and posted an article, and from that we gained about 10K users. (Thanks, TC). Things were going smoothly for a while. Out of the blue, April 9, 2015, Twitter dropped us a line to us letting us know we are violating their terms and condition by merging our feeds, and with that, they’ve pulled our API permissions.